Special collaboration with Everything Wine! Navigate through a series of regions discovering quality wines at exceptional value. Be a smart and savvy shopper! The price of wine is influenced by the economic law of markets, just like all other consumer goods. It also has to withstand Mother Nature's temporal changes in weather and climate. What you end up with are fluctuations in price and quality between wine producing regions. Take advantage of this knowledge and be a consumer in the know. You are invited to a tasting during which we will explore a few of those regions that offer quality wines at hard to beat prices. You will also walk away with a better understanding of your personal taste, preferences and how to expand this knowledge through proper wine tasting, following the Quini tasting standard. Expect a wine tasting like you've never experienced before. An interactive journey into wine that uses your iPhone, iPad, laptop or Android phone to take you on a discovery that will last a lifetime. Get a head start! Download the free Quini wine tasting app to your iPhone or iPad. Android users can gain access to our beta version by emailing us at info@quiniwine.com, and laptop users can log on at www.quiniwine.com. Please ensure your digital device is well charged. Wi-Fi connectivity and Quini app download 6:30 pm - 6:55 pm. Session starts at 7:00pm sharp. Must be legal drinking age.

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