Zac Brown has always been a creator, and learned the importance of devoting himself to his craft early in life. He applies that passion for quality not only to his music, but to all the creative endeavors he undertakes. Zac’s drive to find inspiration in our world is second only to his desire to share it with others. When he and winemaker John Killebrew met, they instantly recognized in each other a common passion for creating unique experiences that reflect quality and originality. Their collaboration is Z. Alexander Brown; big, bold wines of uncommon finesse and character.


Zac Brown has always been a man on a journey. Most know him for his music, yet his artistry and creative spirit are without boundaries. No matter where the adventure takes him, Zac has always remained downhome and truthful to his roots. His lifelong connection to the land and passion for bringing music, food, and people together was a natural path to wine.

John Killebrew, who grew up in California, developed a love for nature, gardening, cooking, and music at an early age. Though he and Zac grew up on opposite ends of the country, distance did not stop them from sharing a common passion and respect for the land.

As a winemaker, John is able to tap into his desire to make things with his own hands, stay immersed in nature, and find each season’s expression through the vines. Z. Alexander Brown is the reward of this relentless commitment and partnership with Zac to create bold “uncaged” wines rooted in the heart of California wine country.


Life. Land. Love. It’s all connected. They say wine is one of the purest beverages there is because it can occur naturally on its own without help from us. Maybe that’s why we love it so much—it comes from the land and is made better when shared with ones you love.

In winemaking, there’s a term called “élevage,” which means “bringing up” — nurturing and raising grapes in the vineyard and wine in the cellar using the best growing practices with little intervention and a careful touch. This technique develops the wine in a way that brings out its full potential, and it’s the philosophy that guides Z. Alexander Brown wines.


The owl is a guardian of the vine, and myths say it is present when the spirit is set free.  

The owl has a deep connection to nature for me, much like the pure connection wine has to the land.      

The viticulturists we work with have developed specially designed owl nesting boxes. These nocturnal predators hunt down and consume pesky rodents that damage tender young vines. This eliminates the need for chemical or other non-natural methods of protecting the fruit.


We respect the land and strive to act as long-term stewards. From water conservation and recycled resources to the use of owl boxes, rootstock selection and protective cover crops, our commitment to sustainable farming and winemaking practices always favor nature over man made controls. 

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