Quality Sake Starts with Quality Water from Richmond, BC

YK3 Sake Brewery was established in Summer 2013 and is located in Richmond, BC.  This location was initially selected for the quality of the water, which is key for making good quality sake.  “YK3” is named after the initials of the founders and the Master Sake Brewer as all of us coincidentally have initials “YK”, so we named our brewery “YK3” as a sign of our team work and commitment.  We take pride in handcrafting our junmai sake using the traditional method in small batch production.

Yoshiaki Kasugai, Master Sake Brewer (Toji)

Yoshiaki (Yoshi) Kasugai has 20 years of experience in making sake in Nagano, Shiga and Vancouver, and is a certified professional sake maker (granted in Nagano Prefecture).  He came to Vancouver in 2007 to join the project to build a sake brewery in Richmond and became the Master Sake Brewer.  In Summer 2013, he joined YK3 Sake Brewery to continue to produce quality sake in Richmond, BC.  He also holds the Kikisake-shi certificate (Sake Sommelier Certificate) from the Sake Service Institute (SSI) from Japan.  He achieved the 1st place at the Sake Technical Competition in Nagano in 2004 and was the semi-finalist in the 2nd Kikisake-shi Competition in 2006. He uses the traditional method of sake making applying his craftmanship and technique. And needless to say, he is very passionate about sake making!

Please contact us in advance before you visit our brewery.

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