Our Winemaker - Trina Smith

With 13 years of sparkling experience, Trina Smith now leads Yellowglen's day-to-day winemaking, striking the balance between heritage, innovation and forging an exciting future for the brand.

Trina grew up in the Flinders Ranges on a sheep and wheat farm. She became interested in wine after numerous wine appreciation courses and in 1997 completed a Degree in Oenology (University of Adelaide).

After finishing her degree it was time to travel and put the study into practice with vintages in USA (Sonoma County), South Africa (Stellenbosch) and Italy (Chianti).

Once back in Australia Trina started as a winemaker at Brown Brothers where she crafted the popular Moscatos, award winning Patricia Sparkling Pinot Noir Chardonnay and Non Vintage Sparkling Pinot Noir Chardonnay.

Yellowglen - Always Sparkling

As Australia's most popular sparkling, Yellowglen has become an icon of Australian celebration.

The social butterfly of Australian wine, Yellowglen is naturally inquisitive, innovative and keen to embrace new trends and finesse sparkling styles.

Celebrating joy, femininity and empowerment, Yellowglen has inspired generations of Australians with its fun-loving approach that pairs sparkling expertise with a relaxed take on modern refinement.

Showcasing a diverse collection of Australian sparklings, from the popular everyday Yellowglen Colours through to the refined and elegant Yellowglen Perle, Yellowglen’s focus is solely on creating outstanding sparkling wines.

The pop of the Yellowglen cork has been part of generations of celebrations, from everyday moments to important milestones.

For Yellowglen, the past, the future and the present is always sparkling.

Yellowglen History

Yellowglen was founded by Ian Home, the savvy businessman with a kind spirit, a love for Champagne, a vision for innovation and a desire to create something truly Australian. It wasn't expensive and exclusive imported French Champagne, yet it wasn't cheap and nasty local sparkling. It was a brand new era of sparkling.

It was in 1971 that Ian planted vines across 12 acres of the original Yellowglen site that was located at Smythesdale, 18km south west of Ballarat, Victoria. His brand was named Yellowglen in honour of the abandoned gold mine, which had been established on the property in 1858.

When Ian founded Yellowglen, he was a 42-year-old successful retailer in the supermarket business with 11 stores across two states. He set his sights on a change in career, seeking to create the best sparkling he could in a style that was very much 'Australian'. This distinction has remained at the core of the brand from the first vintage in 1975 and ever since.

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