stripped bare - [yellow tail] philosophy

Well, not literally stripped bare - more like 'revealed' as the wine to drink when you don't want to get mixed up in all the wine guff. This isn't about vineyards or the winery or the friendly dog that hangs out with the winemakers. It's about the pleasure you get from the great taste of the wine because in the end, that's the most important thing. Enjoy [yellow tail] with friends, with family, with neighbours, with your goldfish Goldie.

It doesn't matter. [yellow tail] began as a little family winery in a small country town in Australia, and from day one the mission was to make wines that are great value that everyone can enjoy because they over deliver on quality. [yellow tail] is approachable and the wines can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere.

Rather than going on about how the wines are bursting with personality, that they are vibrant, tasty wines that are brilliantly easy to drink, we'd rather hear it from you. You are the people who open our bottles. These wines are yours.

The Casella Family

The Casella family arrived in Australia from Sicily in 1957, bringing with them not only generations of family wine making, but the know-how to produce wines that are more than simply a drink with dinner. Yep, they had a vision for Australian wine drinkers.

Sure, there was plenty of elbow work along the way, but with their experience and wine knowledge put to use, the Casellas set about developing their fledgling wine company.

It all started with the Casellas recognising the great potential of the Riverina region in New South Wales – the area speaks with brightly flavoured fruit and offers wines of great drinkability. So, in 1965, they bought land near the township of Yenda outside of Griffith in New South Wales, and here they began their grape growing.

Grape growing became wine making, and wine making needed a winery, so we go a few more years down the track and in 1969 their winery was born. After years of toil and great success the Casellas took another step in 2001 with the creation of [yellow tail], a new and fun wine brand that spoke to modern drinkers and wine lovers the world over. And the fireworks began…

Still, the Casellas have never lost sight of their humble beginnings, even as [yellow tail] continues to take the world by storm. The wines are found in more than 50 countries around the world. Meanwhile, [yellow tail] is Australia's number one wine exporter, and has become the top selling wine in Canada and the USA. And still, the Casellas stay true to their family business. Today, the day-to-day operations of the winery are run by the three Casella sons - John, Managing Director and Winemaker; Joe, Australian Sales Director; and Marcello, Director and Vineyard Operations Director.

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