Wynnwood Cellars is Creston Valley Wine

Wynnwood Cellars' vision is to create distinctive wines that reflect the terroir of this unique site above Duck Lake in the Creston Valley of the Upper Columbia Basin. These wines will be wines of the "first shores" as this site, according to geologists, was the original west coast of North America. Above our southwest sloping vineyard, one can see remnants left by ancient oceans and glaciers. This mineral rich soil gives our wines complexity and an ethos of antiquity.

The History of Wynnwood Cellars in Creston Valley

Wynnwood Cellars began in 2007 with the partnering of Michael Wigen and Dave Basaraba and the planting of the Sirdar vineyard in the Creston Valley in British Columbia. Michael is part of a pioneer family in the Creston Valley. His grandfather started a saw mill called Wynndel Box and Lumber which now employs over 200 people in Wynndel. Michael has been a part of this enterprise all of his life. Michael was introduced to fine wines at an early age and would purchase high quality Burgundy's when he could legally buy wine. Having this appreciation of fine wine and a life of experience in the business world, Michael began to have a desire to be involved in the wine business. This desire continued to grow but he did not know how to get started. And then he met Dave Basaraba.

Dave comes from a farming background. Dave moved to the Creston Valley in 1987, from south east Washington, for the purpose of farming. He grew alfalfa seed in the Bonners Ferry area for a number of years and horticulture crops in the Creston area. Dave's love of growing plants led him to experiment with wine grapes. He felt that the climate in the region was not much different than S.E. Washington that has a large wine industry. So Dave planted an experimental vineyard in the Canyon area of Creston in 2000. His experience led Dave to believe that there would be sites in the valley that would be outstanding for vinifera vines. Dave was especially drawn to the Wynndel/Sirdar area because of the moderating lake effect and soils with outstanding minerality.

When Michael contacted Dave about the possibility of doing a wine venture together, Dave's response was that the site we pick will be the crucial thing. It turned out that Michael's family had purchased the original Pelle's farm near Sirdar to have an access to a tree farm. This site was cleared and farmed in the 1920's by immigrants from Italy. They grew berries and tomatoes on this dry, rocky hillside above Duck Lake. Michael and Dave resurrected the abandoned farm land. They planted the vineyard in 2007.  The Bathie vineyard was planted in the spring of 2013.

The Wynnwood Cellars Wine Tasting Experience

Dave and his wife Margaret sold their farm in Canyon and purchased an acerage at the base of Bathie Road near the vineyard. At this site, an existing out building was remodeled to create a small boutique winery and tasting room. The tasting room opened in July of 2012.

Wynnwood Cellars Tasting Room is open Daily from May 15 - October 15 at 11 am until 6 pm.

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