The union of passionate winemakers already pioneering and innovating.

The early twentieth century, during which the situation is critical Alsatian winemakers, was marked by the consolidation of some passionate winemakers and motivated to join forces, their skills and expertise to share experiences and produce wines Alsace accessible. The principle of the cooperative cellar of Eguisheim and Dambach-la-Ville, which still operates today Wolfberger both Vendangeoirs: come together to bring the grapes to a single winery and produce high quality wines from the great terroirs Alsace. Therefore they invest especially in 60 oak barrels of Hungary with a capacity of 5000 hl, which is considerable for the time. The winemakers want to work in groups and in the exchange of practices and knowledge sharing. To ensure continuity in time and to face together the events they will cross as the First and Second World War or changes in nationalities, they have to work at the pace of political conflicts of the early decades. The cellar is structured and professionalized over the vintages. They stand together and participate including the Concours Général Agricole in Paris, they return the first time in 1945 with a gold medal for a Tokay d’Alsace (currently Pinot Gris).

Incredible acceleration and the creation of a brand ambassador of the Alsatian vineyard

Quality and creativity, ingredients of a meteoric rise takes flight in the 70 Indeed, it was at this time that a new generation of winemakers betting on quality emerges. Within the house too, things move through two visionaries, Xavier EHRHART, President of the House until 1994 Hussherr Pierre, General Manager from 1970 to 2001. This creative duo will allow Wolfberger to play a major role in the creation of AOC Alsace Grand Cru, Crémant d’Alsace and the mention Late Harvest.This is also the first to market Crémant d’Alsace Wolfberger that the brand is created. Throughout this period Wolfberger develops, creates, innovates and lots of new products in a constant concern for quality and valuation of Alsace broadening his skills and starting its distillation operations in the late 70s or building, in the early 90s, for example, a new bottling facility and infrastructure dedicated to Crémant.

Wolfberger sits more its difference

Wolfberger continues its development by initiating the creation of outlets and by investing in new channels such as catering, retail or export. This development reassures members and encourages others to join us. Thus, in a little over 30 years, their number from 300 to 450, while the surface of the vines extends from 140 to 1,200 hectares. The “custom” oenological serving culinary professionals also becomes a new string to the bow of the brand. And thus to meet the expectations of our customers the traditional network, we exploit all the opportunities we offer our hyper-selection tanks. Born in 2009, iconic reflections of the seven varieties of Alsace “wines Signature Wolfberger” are tasted and chosen from a selection of tanks by a committee of experts from the catering and sommelier. And for a selection of customers, bars Rum, Cocktail and places of nights Wolfberger develop specific recipes adapted to the world of these institutions and the expectations of their bartenders. To also Wolfberger gastronomy can meet the needs of professionals and has developed over the years ranges in specific packaging for bakers, pastry chefs, chefs and other chocolatiers. And so that throughout occasions of life, Wolfberger is present and brings surprising the taste buds of all ...

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