“We believe that no idea is too big, outlandish or improbable; for us eccentricity has been the rule rather than the exception and having fun is a serious business.”

Perched atop our winery in a modest belltower sits a 3/4 tonne bell that we ring either on occasion or randomly; securing our grounds is a boundary fence known as “Woodhenge” made from massive threaded redgum trunks; and a man in a bowler hat and suit “lives” in a red row boat in our vineyards.

We like to hurl watermelons from a giant medieval siege machine erected on our lawns and we acknowledge Australia’s most famous equestrian race by running around the grounds with our colleagues astride broomsticks topped with cut-out horse heads.

We celebrate our successes with gusto (and Pol Roger) and if we have no success to celebrate we can always find another reason.

We’re serious about the wine we make, the wines we drink and the biodynamic vines we grow - but we believe that everything else should be fun...

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