In 1991, Laurent Delelee realized that tourists from around the world could not always find what they were looking for once arriving in Burgundy. The great wines of Burgundy were bringing them here, but there were not many options in wine tourism. He wanted to share his passion for Burgundy and Wine & Voyages was born!

Specialist of wine tours in the Côte de Nuits and Côte de Beaune, Wine & Voyages gives its customers an immersion in the heart of Burgundy’s “climats”.


When he created Wine & Voyages in 1992, Laurent Delélée took quite a risk. "I was working at the Château de Gilly at the time, and in the early 90s, oenotourism was basically nonexistent. I then decided to go ahead and started organizing tours in vineyards and cellars. It was quite a challenge, but today I don’t regret it. We are in constant progression”. Many tourists, mostly English-speaking, come to discover Burgundy and its wines. “We offer half day or full day tours, only on the Côte de Nuits and Côte de Beaune. These are our two favorite sites, and for our customers, Romanée-Conti and Montrachet remain important landmarks. After a stop in the vineyards, where we describe the composition of the soil, the vegetative cycle of the plant and the winemaker's work, we head towards an estate, visit the winery and the cellars, before finishing with a tasting of different “climats”, says Laurent Delélée. "We work with more than 30 wine estates. The important thing for us is to show the visitors the everyday life of a winegrower, and Burgundy’s authenticity. This is what our customers want. We are not here to sell wine; it is the complexity of Burgundy that interests them”.

Over the past 20 years, the number of tourists in contact with the leader of Wine & Voyages has greatly increased. "Eventhough English and Americans come regularly, new nationalities are emerging, such as Brazilians, who have been more numerous the last 10 years. The Japanese are also present. They are great enthusiasts, whose cuisine goes perfectly with the great white wines of Burgundy”. Truly passionate about his business, Laurent Delélée shows unwavering support to the candidacy of the “climats” of Burgundy to the World Heritage listing by the UNESCO. “The time has come for this to happen. If the campaign is successful, it will be the opportunity to show the world that Burgundy is unique. On a daily basis, I see visitors marvel at the variety of landscapes, colors, and soils when they arrive in the vineyards. A variety that is also present when they taste several “climats” from the same appellation. Inevitably, a UNESCO ranking would bring more tourists. Other sites that have been labeled recently have seen their increase rate go up 15 to 30%. "


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