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Welcome to the Wine Palate online store where our passion is quality wine. We believe wine is to be enjoyed in good times. Those quality moments where you put your feet up, socialise with friends, or enjoy a nice meal. Times when you look for pleasure in every glass. For this, you need guaranteed quality. Hand harvested grapes, careful ageing and blending are just some of the measures of high quality vintages that we look for year on year.

What Do You Get For Your Money When Buying Wine?

Here is something to ponder when you spend under £5 on a bottle:

A bottle of wine at around £5 is made up roughly as follows:

    £2.80 Government duty including VAT (UK tax), a figure that rises every year
    £1 for the cost of the bottle, boxing and shipping
    £1 approx for the retailer

If you work out the maths, there isn’t much left to grow the grapes, harvest and produce the wine – unless it is being manufactured on a massive scale. And mass production by its' very nature reduces quality.

If you had a romantic vision of artisan winemaking at this price point, then prepare to be  disappointed.

The Higher The Price, The Better The Wine – Here’s Why

As the price point figure rises from £5 to £7, £10 or more, the balance of the figures quoted above go into the wine growing and winemaking process. The livelihood of the smaller wineries depends on their reputation, and so quality is always paramount – and that’s where you taste the difference 
At £5, producers buy to meet their bulk tonnage needs - from a large number of farmers who are pressurised on price – so have to grow and harvest as cheaply as is humanly possible
At £10 wineries grow their own and carefully source from neighbouring farms  
At £10 wineries hand harvest, and hand sort the grapes, so far higher quality grapes go into the process
At £10 and above, winemakers age and blend wine carefully – techniques often passed through generations

You will find on our website wines that start around £6, however in this bracket we only offer wines that we believe punch well above their price point. Our wines priced at £10 and above move to a whole new level of quality. We are certain you won't be disappointed.   

We aim to make shopping for the perfect wine as easy and cost effective as possible. There is no minimum order when you buy from us, order 1 bottle or mix your own case(s). Every purchase earns reward points, which means money off your future orders. You will also find some useful tools on our website to help you find that perfect wine, like our food pairing selector, handy if you are planning a dinner party. 

We offer wholesale prices, with substantial savings on RRP for every wine. Buy our wines here at winepalate.co.uk where you will find a wide choice starting from under £7; from popular wines to rare, limited production wines and even the more unusual.  We ship to mainland UK, Scottish Highlands and Islands and offshore UK.

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