Wine Experience has been operating since 2004.

We were opened by a team of wine loving individuals with a passion for wine and a desire to offer quality wines from Boutique Wineries instead of the same old wines available at all the chains.

We are 100% independently owned and operated with our store in beautiful Rosalie Village in Brisbane.

Our greatest asset and strength is our true independence. We only buy wines that we love and want to sell. We do no deals with wineries, sell no floor space and sell nothing but wine

In order to have a wine stocked by us it must be submitted and passed by our tasting panel, which includes a Master of Wine Andrew Corrigan. We hand sell all our products and are here to advise you on your selection.

We are always happy to help and share our love of great wine with you. Please call for assistance, food matching or any wine related advice.

We hope you enjoy your Wine Experience.

Just Wine partners with the finest bars, restaurants, wineries and retailers from around the world!