If you could choose to do just one thing — meaning, do one thing very well, {make that two things} but really well. And you could do it anywhere in the world, {not just anywhere but that place you believed to be the best to do your best} would you?

We did. We wanted to grow and produce Chardonnay and Pinot Noir — to the most uncompromising standard, in the best place in the world to do it — Here in Niagara — in a little spot called Jordan Station.

We started from scratch — with a plan and best intentions. We found the most suited land for our style of wines, rounded up some of the most passionate, talented and seasoned people to assist, and together took a run at the wall of making simple beautiful wine. By hand.

So we built a place to celebrate Canada and all her collective stories. A place to tell tall tales, host colourful people and make history. We built this place to light some dam big fires, load a table with local fare and charactered wines and devour the stories we’ve yet to hear. Join us, we can’t wait to meet you.

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