Decadent Wine Is A Sure Sign Of Passion And Hard Work

It's not just wine, it's an experience.

There is a time of the year, here in the Okanagan Valley, when the grapes grow sweeter, drawing in the sunshine of the hot days, and filling the cool evening air with sweet, dreamy aromatics.  It comes after long seasons of growth, and just before a great time of rest. It is in this enriched season where a great bear comes down from the mountains, and wanders into the Vineyard.  He seeks the sweetness and comfort of this place where he began, a place where he, too, grew, and thrived, and returns to when the grapes are perfect in their ripening for magnificent flavors of wine.  He is our telltale of harvest time. This is our season – a time of accomplishment, reward, family and friends. From our vines to your table, it’s a coming home for us all.


The Waterside Vineyard & Winery Tasting Room Experience

Open May-October: Tuesday-Sunday 11am -5pm

Mondays, and off season by appointment.


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