V.Q.A. stands for Vintner’s Quality Alliance.
Put very simply, the VQA designation on the WInes of British Columbia is a guarantee the wine you're purchasing has been subjected to rigorous quality control measures. To obtain VQA approval in British Columbia, a wine must be 100% from BC grapes, it must be 85% of the variety stated on the label and must be 95% from the vintage year stated. To be VQA a wine must pass through a tasting panel where it is evaluated; it must show varietal character and be fault free.
VQA is an assurance to consumers that they are purchasing a BC product of good quality.

Participation in the VQA program is voluntary. In 1990, VQA wines sales in BC totaled 600,000 litres. In 2007 they totaled over 6.8 million litres, and this past year 2014 9.6 million litres of wine was sold!  VQA wineries in 2014 numbered 137.

The Wines of British Columbia are truly making history. With every new accolade and achievement, our wine regions further solidify their place amongst the best in the world. In 2011, BC wineries won over 2,000 medals in national and international competition – our most ever! 

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