Who We Are

Vintae is an innovative, young and dynamic enterprise, which elaborate wine in 12 different Designations of Origin in Spain. The initiative originates in the passion of José Miguel Arambarri Terrero for wine, an entrepreneur from La Rioja who is a connoisseur and lover of the wine world. His vision gave birth to Castillo de Maetierra and Maetierra Dominum, two wineries which spawned Vintae. With the inclusion of his two sons, Ricardo and José Miguel, Vintae came into shape as a project and is causing a real revolution in the different aspects of the wine-growing industry, by representing the avant-garde and market approach through many of its products or the creation of Valles de Sadacia, the greatest progress in white wines in the entire history of the Autonomous Community of La Rioja.

Vintae is born to create innovative wines adapted to new customer tastes. For this purpose, it has a group of over 50 professionals who share their passion for the wine world with a creative and dynamic spirit, applying this spirir to each of their specialized areas.

Our Trajectory

Vintae originates in 1999, when, by initiative of José Miguel Arambarri Terrero, an entrepreneur from La Rioja who is a connoisseur and lover of the wine world, the first Castillo de Maetierra vines were planted, the only winery specialized in white wines in the Community of La Rioja. These vines were the beginning of Valles de Sadacia, the new Protected Geographical Indication for white wines in the Community of La Rioja.

The inclusion of his two sons, Ricardo and José Miguel, who now lead the project, as well as other important pillars in the technical and sales areas, gave the finishing touches to a team of great value with an open and innovative mentality, and a will to face the most ambitious of challenges. With this great team and taken to success by the wineries located in La Rioja, they began to explore creative possibilities of other Spanish wine-making areas with the objective of creating a portfolio including the best of each wine area in Spain.

They committed to Ribera del Duero, one of the most powerful Designations of Origin in the international wine panorama, where they created De Bardos; they looked for creative freedom in Ribera del Queiles, an area adjacent to La Rioja with great innovative possibilities. In Navarra, they found the plot Monastir, where they have created an exclusive collection of estate wines.

In 2009, Matsu appears, in the Toro Designation of Origin, a project which pays homage to wine growers who have dedicated their life to the vine and combines the oriental culture of caring for what’s natural together with the most advanced techniques in biodynamic agriculture regarding European rural areas.

Currently, following a ten year adventure, Vintae has achieved the creation of a product portfolio covering, practically, the entire Spanish wine panorama, which continues to increase daily. Its commercial presence continues to grow, both nationally and internationally, and is present, to this date, in more than 40 countries, adding new markets every year.

Passion for Wine

For us, wine is a way of enjoying life as well as our professional activity. We also want all our customers to enjoy it and share it. And it is for this reason that we work with the aim of offering products which transmit concepts, ideas and sensations through all the senses, from the design of the bottle to the tasting.

Where is the passion for wine reflected?

-We look for quality and singularity in the entire Spanish wine panorama.

Since our inception we have searched for quality and singularity in the main wine-making areas of the Spanish wine panorama. This has lead us to be pioneers in the Ribera del Queiles and to create Valles de Sadacia, without forgetting areas with more tradition such as Ribera del Duero or Rioja.

-The best varieties for each area

Vintae’s oenological team is committed to taking advantage of the singularities of each region, pushing the most distinguished local varieties to its maximum, or even for such matters foreign varieties which have proven a better adaptation. They search for the most interesting varieties for each area, and for this purpose, they do not hesitate when it comes to innovation, such as happens with Castillo de Maetierra, featuring an extensive catalogue of white varieties, or Winery Arts, by introducing a great number of foreign red varieties.

-Wines transmitting passion. Vintae wines manage to make contact with the current consumer.  From the first to the last, the entire Vintae team works so that each detail involving its wines is able to transmit the soul of the wine-growing project in hand. Its area, philosophy, values… all of this to achieve a full experience which completely satisfies the consumer’s expectations. Adapted to current consumer tastes, who demand less aggressive, easy-drinking wines, but without renouncing to maximum quality, power and nuance richness, and respecting the singularity of each area.

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