The House of Breban Wines ("Vins Breban") has been producing and supplying a wide range of wines of varying styles and aromas to restaurants and retail distributors since 1952. Through its distribution channels, “Vins Breban” brings to market each year more than 50 different wines, over 7 million bottles in total comprised of roses, whites, reds, wines BIO, stills and sparkling wines.

These fine wines of the Provence region are produced from grape varietals raised along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, from the Sainte-Victoire mountain range in the west to the hinterlands of Haute Provence Alps in the east.

Wines from this region inherit their best characteristics from local soil, wines which are notable for their strong character combined with delicate bouquet. The wines of Provence are often described as colorful, lively, aromatic, fruity, and mischievous in nature.

Provence Wine of Distinction, BIO and sparkling wines

Attuned to market trends and changing tastes, the House of Vins Breban has a proud tradition of maintaining close relations with its partners, distributors, retail outlets and restaurants. “Vins Breban” is noted for offering wines that meet the demands of even the most discriminating palate. Its vineyards cover more than 2,500 hectares.

Whether marketed either under the aegis of Vins Breban or as simply wines of the Provence region, such wines are distributed throughout France and in over 15 countries around the world.

The House of Vins Breban produces and sells a wide range of products, including: sharp and fruity white wines, fresh and appealing roses, and powerful full-bodied reds. As J.J Bréban, CEO, has said : “These wines are created to bring together family and friends, across generations, to foster an environment that encourages both the young and the young-at-heart to savor moments of togetherness and create fond and lasting memories of the good times.”

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