I live here, 
Where my father used to live and where my children will live. 
I live in Salento, I make wine like my father Arcangelo who built first winery.

I laid down my roots in a Salento vineyard, like the Negroamaro vine, and I have lost count of how many stubs my family and I have planted. I live when the sun tells me that it is time for Negroamaro and every time I pick the ripe bunches of grapes, I remember my father and his hard work. 
When I asked him why all that hard work produced so few bunches of grapes, Arcangelo answered that the less grapes on the stubs, the better the wine.

The wine... 
Once somebody told me that my wine was the best in the world and they even gave me a medal: that day I understood that Arcangelo was right. 
I stay here in a Salento vineyard waiting for the sun.

The Palamà winery has had its offices in Cutrofiano in the Salento since 1936. 
The wines are obtained from the native apulian vines grown on espelier or little trees: Negroamaro, Primitivo, Malvasia Nera, Malvasia Bianca and Verdeca are used to procuce pure or blend wines.
Ninì and his family are personally responsible for the vines, for harvesting and for wine making.

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