Kris Davis is a founding partner of Dionysus Group, LLLP, a development company based in Florence, TX. Dionysus Group owns and operates commercial sites as well as residential communities with onsite vineyards wineries. Kris is a partner in Pax Prime Investments, a Ft. Worth-based real estate investment company, and in Inwood Estates Winery, which produces high end boutique wines catering to wine collectors and high end restaurants. Kris is the Director of the Happy Davis Foundation and is currently active reviewing Foundation grants and funding.

For the past two decades, many of Kris’s professional endeavors have included consulting for start-ups and marketing and sales for small emerging health care, media and telecommunication companies. In addition, she was responsible for developing sales training and incentive programs for national media groups.

Born in Canandaigua NY, Kris graduated from Mississippi University for Women. She is married with three children and currently lives in Ft. Worth, TX.

Kambrah Garland is a founding partner of Dionysus Group, LLLP and has lived onsite since 2006. Her passion for growing herbs and grapes lead her to Florence, Texas where she and her business partner, Kris, purchased the original.   She is responsible for installing, planting and maintaining the working vineyards as well as the destination winery and real estate development. 
Kambrah’s background includes marketing, sales, and management consulting for different start-up businesses including luxury products, wines, magazines, and high tech health care companies. Born in Barrow, Alaska, Kambrah graduated from Connecticut College and is married with two children. She still lives at The Vineyard at Florence and is seen early morning walking or pruning grapes.

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