Welcome to Vine Styles, the wine shop where the motto is “wine done different”. What does that mean? At Vine Styles we’re interested in thinking outside the box and unlike the traditional approach taken by most wine shops, we are in the business of tailoring the wine shopping to your taste buds. You've heard of bespoke suits; this is bespoke wine shopping.

We hope that you’ll enjoy our shop that prides itself on doing things a little different and in the process offering a wine experience that is fun, approachable and engaging. You can find us conveniently located in Kensington and the Design District, two areas that offer their own unique appeal.

Next time you’re looking for a bottle come visit us and we’ll show you what sets us apart. We love wine and want to share that passion with you!

Just Wine partners with the finest bars, restaurants, wineries and retailers from around the world!