Our celebrated 'Bon Vivant' and Vintner Extrordinaire - 'Vinaceous', has a mysterious and wonderous past that he jealously guards:

Society scuttlebutt & innuendo has it, that he is either the illegitimate son of a famous crowned head of Europe or a poor Romany gypsy boy, made good. His time working as a lion tamer, explorer & roustabout has equipped Vinaceous with a sharp wit & discerning eye (& nose) for beautiful wine & beauteous women.

Vinaceous has become the pre-eminent wine merchant "par excellence" of the New World - Presenting unknown and exotic elixirs with the prescribed purpose to "Educate, Edify, Amaze and Uplift!"

Vinaceous is the brain-child of wine marketer Nick Stacy and winemaker Michael Kerrigan. The Vinaceous concept is to produce seven distinctive wines representing seven personalities - men, women, angels, demons, mermaids... and other creatures of mythology! Vinaceous’ aim was to re-create this on the labels, focusing on fun & provocative imagery, based on theatrical/circus posters from the ‘30s and ‘40s; while the new ‘Burlesque’ Sparkling wine labels pays homage to the ribald dance & culture of this era .

These label designs have been featured in international wine publications, including ‘Wine Labels on Bottle Design’ by Eduardo del Fraile and “The Art and Design of Contemporary Wine Labels” by Tanya Scholes. Of the seven wine styles on offer, some are sourced and made exclusively for Vinaceous by some of Australia’s most talented new young winemakers whilst others are made from our own select vineyards. All are selected from the best regions suited to the chosen varietals under complete control of the Vinaceous Winemakers.

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