Perez Cruz is a family owned winery specializing in red wines that are produced and bottled on site and that reflect the character and identity of the Maipo Alto Valley.

Located at the foothills of the Andes, its soils are deep, stony, and poor in nutrients. The Mediterranean climate features dry and very sunny summers and a broad differential between daytime and nighttime temperatures—the ideal combination for producing high-quality wines.

In harmony with its surroundings

Our winery was built of native woods with two barrel-shaped central naves, exterior arches that evoke the passing of wind through trees, and stone foundations that recall the structures the Incas left behind in the area. Its sustainable design incorporates a gravity-flow process and has a 3 million-liter capacity. By taking advantage of the conditions below ground, temperature and humidity are controlled naturally in the barrel cellar, which has a capacity for 5,000 barrels.


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