Viña Maipo was founded in 1948 in the Maipo Valley, a world-renowned region for producing wines of outstanding quality. 20 years later, Concha y Toro –the largest Chilean wine group-acquired the winery, enhancing the quality of its wines and laying the foundations for its global spirit.

In 2000, Viña Maipo implemented an aggressive development plan, exceeding in 2006 the goal of 1 million cases sold and becoming the 4th largest exporter of wine from Chile.

In 2007, Max Weinlaub joined Viña Maipo as chief winemaker, giving way to a new strategy focused on developing world-class wines, expressive of their origin.

Today, being present in over 80 markets, Viña Maipo has demonstrated the potential of Chile for the production of great wines, born from a long tradition in winemaking and a genuine passion for authenticity.

Since its inception in 1583, the people of Maipo have shown deep religiosity, focusing their social life around the town’s church. Roof of this is the celebration that villagers carry out every 8th of December honoring the Virgin Mary, praying to her for their land and future harvests.

Our Passion

Viña Maipo wants each of its wines to carry the passion that Maipo townspeople have for the land and their customs. It is that spirit that inspires the legend on the label of each bottle of wine:

"For centuries, the people of Maipo have witnessed the miraculous protection of their vineyards. Every year the villagers gather in the Church of Maipo to pray for the care of their land."

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