Roots of our growing area

“Severus, fortis, ardens”: such was the description of ancient Farlernum, ancient literature’s most famous wine, lost to views in the early 199s and re-introduced in the 1970s in Ville Matilde’s  hillside vineyards of on the slopes of the extinct Roccamonfina volcano.  
The bond with the local culture and its winemaking traditions thus constitutes the beginning of the history and the foundation of the production philosophy of this winery. Respect for the environment and ready receptivity for innovation are, on the other hand, its new driving force. 

Ceaseless research and avant-garde technologies flesh out tradition through intelligent, dynamic innovation that focuses on careful protection of the growing area. The “Zero Emissions” project is the fruit of a desire to demonstrate that one can produce wine while focusing on low impact on the environment, through utilisation of the most up-to-date technologies for lowering levels of consumption. 
The vineyards, trained to the Guyot system, are planted at a density of 6,000 vines per hectare. Villa Matilde carefully studies its wines in order to identify those grape varieties that once yielded this area’s most ancient wines, such as aglianico, which is the ancient hellenico; the piedirosso, which together with aglianico makes red Falerno; and falanghina, which yields white Falerno.  

The search for the past is constantly made more effective by reconsidering and modernising that process with pioneering methods and equipment. Nor is that innovation limited to just technology: it is also the fruit of the creative imagination, whose subject is the local terroir and its winegrowers.

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