Thierry Kobloth, the owner of the Kobloth Vineyard, was born in Alsace in 1970. For four generations his family has been a passionate vintner. Thierry, having obtained his certificate as a chef in the eighties, first worked as a chef in several large hotels in Switzerland and southern France, where tourism and gastronomy are renowned. In 1994, still wanting to go further, he decided to leave France to explore other avenues and give free rein to his entrepreneurial flair. Seduced by Quebec, Thierry decided to found a very popular restaurant in Old Montreal that he would run for 10 years. The success of the chef allows him to go even further, because in 2004, he sells his restaurant to realize his big dream, that of devoting himself to the passion of his ancestors, namely viticulture. That's why he buys a small piece of paradise in Saint-Bruno de Montarville, a compromise between the city and the countryside: a magnificent land of 100 acres. With the help of his father, Thierry plants with his hands about 10,000 vines, 6,000 white grapes (Vidal, Seyval and Muscat de NY) and 4,000 red grapes (Lucie Kollman, Maréchal Foch, Baco Noir, De Chenacet Frontenac) .The first harvest took place in 2007.

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