The diversity of Sonoma County is mirrored in our estate vineyards, where soils, aspects, and microclimates in our mountain and hillside vineyards vary dramatically from block to block, creating what we like to think of as small vineyards within vineyards, our palette of soil types. Each is distinct from the others, so we call these special places micro-crus. They are the heart and soul of our terroir philosophy at Vérité. Everything we do here — from the vineyard to the bottle — we do with the goal of allowing these micro-crus to transmit the message, or truth, of our soil in Sonoma County. The truth is in our soil; it flows through the vines and speaks clearly in our wines.

To create a work of art is one thing; to create a masterpiece is entirely another. Creating a masterpiece requires an intense intimacy and a unique perspective throughout the entire process. This is why we refer to Pierre as vigneron rather than winemaker – because vigneron encompasses not only decisions made in the cellar, but also those made in the vineyard throughout the year, where the true character of our wine originates.

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