Winemaker Gavin Miller believes great wine is grown in the vineyard and their vines are meticulously farmed without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Upper Bench produces big, bold, reds and crisp, dry, whites that reflect the vintage and soil from the vineyards where they are grown. 

Our Estate wines are produced from the grapes grown on our home vineyard, farmed without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Currently production is at 3000 cases, hoping to reach 5000 cases. All of Upper Bench’s wines come from the mature vines on Upper Bench’s unique seven-acre vineyard and a select few other vineyards along the Naramata Bench and we don't produce a wine we don't think you should try. 

Gavin has been in the wine industry since 1998. After taking viticulture, he then started in the vineyards along the Naramata Bench. He slowly made his way up to assistant winemaker at Red Rooster before leaving to make wine for Poplar Grove and Painted Rock before starting Upper Bench.

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