Our story starts with Kevin and Keith having beer in a garage in August 2014. Kevin, having just learned that his 23 year military career was coming to an end (due to medical reasons), was musing over options for a new career. It's rumored that the beer may have influenced the discussion, but at some point, Kevin remarked that he always dreamed of owning his own brewery. Keith, a veteran of the British Royal Airforce contributed to the conversation with his own dream of owning a pub. MOST discussions of this calibre would have died in that garage with the empty bottles. Kevin and Keith are too stubborn for that...

In less than a year a crazy idea turned into a fully functioning company with beer on the market all across Alberta!  

Currently, Two Sergeants Brewing make their beer by renting time from other breweries, but have recently purchased their own equipment, and are on schedule to begin operations in October 2015 as a Brewery and Pub in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.


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