In 2003, a boutique winery, Tulip Winery, was established by the Itzhaki family, born of a great love for wine and a great love for people.

The Winery, which integrates the production of quality wines with social responsibility, is located on a mountainside in Kfar Tikva (Village of Hope), a small pastoral settlement whose population consists of people with special needs. The Winery aspires to enable members of the community to develop and realize their potential.

The noteworthy fusion of the community’s vision and the Itzhaki's desire to produce wine gave rise to an exciting model of a wine industry that employs the community members and offers them a business platform to integrate into the workforce just like in mainstream society.

Innovation and creativity are fundamental at Tulip Winery. Our winemaker is charged with the task of producing wines and choosing the best grape varieties that will result in fascinating and extraordinary blends.

The work with residents of Kfar Tikva, careful selection of the finest vineyards, use of advanced technologies, constant upkeep of good value for money, innovation, creativity and special attention to every single element of the manufacturing process and beyond, have made Tulip Winery into what it is today: the largest boutique winery in Israel and one of the industry leaders.

Tulip Winery produces approximately 220,000 bottles of wine annually, which enjoy sales in all regions between the Dan Region and Eilat, as well as in numerous countries around the world.

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