We are proudly located in Red Deer, Alberta, in the heart of malt barley country! We poured our first pint from our 15 barrel brew house on June 12, 2015.

The brewing process relies on 4 main ingredients. Malt barley (or other grain), hops, yeast and water. The majority of the malt we use is locally grown in the fields of Alberta, but we also source malt from other parts of the world. We use Canadian hops whenever possible, and source hops from the US, Europe, and New Zealand. Our water is local, filtered Red Deer water.

Our brewery is built around our 15 barrel brewhouse. It also includes four 15, four 30 and three 60 barrel fermenters. It contains one 15, two 30, and one 60 barrel brite tank. We've recently added a 500 litre still, and two fermenters designed for spirits.

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