For the Traynor Family, estate grown wines are a passion

Our estate grown wines are our passion. From hand cultivating the grapes and making the wines, we put our passion to the test with these. Our vineyard tends to be exceptionally low yielding. Most years max out at under one tonne per acre (or 1.8 hL/Ha if your metric). The results are extreme concentration in flavours. 

Our land is unique for Hillier. While about half of our vineyard is planted in the much prized Hillier Clay (a shallow, gravelly soil) where many of the regions great wines are grown, the other half is a very unique block of Darlington Loam (a glacial till that was left from ancient glacial river beds).

Our focus in the vineyard is on sustainability. Our vines are dry farmed (further concentrating flavours) and we maintain a mixed grass cover in all of our fields to protect our soil from wind and erosion. We have begun the construction of a soil water management system following the principals of Permaculture and we limit our chemical inputs as much as possible. In fact, one of our experiments we trailed in 2017 was utilizing nitrogen fixing beans in the vineyard instead of chemical fertilizers. 

The Traynor Family Vineyard roots run deep...  literally!

When we purchased the property in 2008, the soil was essentially dead. The land had been cash cropped (corn, beans, wheat, etc.) for decades and there was very little (if any) organic matter or life left in the land. We immediately began planting grasses, reducing tillage and have never once applied herbicides to the land. As a result, our land is alive again. The roots run as deep as they can (our soil is mostly gravel after all) and we have life again. We even have mushrooms growing around our headlands again!

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