The story of Torre Fosca began in 1994 when the then future owners went for a romantic week-end in Montalcino in province of Siena. They were guest of a friend, a fellow producer, that told them he was trying to sell the original property in Montalcino to buy a bigger place also in the area.

In 1994 they decide to buy their first property, Podere Renaione, a country house built before 1600, together with four acres of vineyards, olive trees, and fruit trees, with the idea of making wine for themselves and their friends.

The first Brunello vintage was released in 1995 and received such acclaim that the winery decided to expand production. Part of the winery success is due to the unique microclimate of the area. The estate sits on stony terrain, the tuffaceous soil is endowed with large quantities of fossil material and is low in organic components. This unique soil which helps to naturally reduce yields. The vineyards also face Northwest, typically the hottest area in Montalcino, resulting in wines with strong acidity and smooth tannins.

Despite the acclaim from press and consumers Torre Fosca has never been one to rest on their laurals. The winery was the first in Montalcino to implement a self-producing renewable power system, and remains to this day the only enterprise in Montalcino to operate solely on self-produced power.

The winery also uses biofuels from to heat the winery. The decision was a difficult one because it required the winery to tear down the old farm house and rebuild it. However, the modern features, including a ventilated roof, insulated walls, and radiant heating walls, allow the winery to use vine shoots as fuel.

Combining both old and new Torre Fosca has worked to achieve its original aim - the passion for good wine.

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