Exceptional Wine in Beautiful Paso Robles

We are Rabble Wine Company. We exist to connect with people and share our many passions: exceptional wine, our beautiful community of Paso Robles, and our unconventional winery and brands. The wines and brands we craft push the public to incite a riot in the world of wine. Our Central Coast winery showcases the best fruit from Paso Robles and the Santa Maria Valley. Our wine style exemplifies bright acidity, all while showcasing true varietal characteristics. Balance is the theme throughout, keeping alcohol levels below 15% and finely-tuning tannins to deliver a lush, full bodied wine with balanced acidity.

The labels all incorporate beautiful public domain art rooted in history: woodblock prints from the 1500s, illustrations by John James Audubon, and etchings from William Blake and John Boydell. Our labels, like our wines, are known to engage, evoke emotion, and spark conversation.

After drinking our wine, we hope you’ll see and experience the world a little differently.


Tooth & Nail Winery

The Tooth & Nail Winery castle is where you’ll find the Rabble Wine Company tasting room and event venue. We add variety to the Paso Robles winery neighborhood both in wines and ambiance. Our French Chateau meets industrial tasting room is based in history but modern, much like our labels and our wines. We embrace the fun space that it is, while keeping wine quality at the core of everything we do.


The Rabble Family of Wines

From the approachable yet intense Rabble varietals and Tooth & Nail blends to the small lot, barrel selected Stasis and Amor Fati wines, we have a wine for every taste and experience level.

Rabble Wines

These are single varietal wines, uncorrupted and pure. These wines embrace characteristics of the grape (Tempranillo that tastes like Tempranillo), the place (wind and frosts of Santa Maria; extreme diurnal shifts of Paso Robles) and the mindset (how sad to think that nature speaks and mankind doesn’t listen). Labels are renditions of historical wood block prints, textured and tactile, depicting nature’s wrath. Nature is ruthless when it goes ignored.

Tooth & Nail Wines

These are our blended wines; bold, unconventional and unapologetic. Tooth & Nail red blends coat the glass with squid ink-ish, racy acidity, thick rich texture, and pulsing fruit. Our white blends are lush, resinous, balanced and clean, leaving you empowered and smacking your lips. Our labels are John James Audubon originals; beasts of the early 1830s fighting “Tooth & Nail” to survive.

Stasis Wines

Flavorful wines grown in Santa Maria’s late morning fog, continually cool days and chilling afternoon winds. Large in texture, velvet with fruit, minerality and complexity balanced in both weight and acidity. The label is an original engraving by John Boydell, in 1786, depicting Romeo joining Juliet in eternity.

Amor Fati Wines

Culty, illusive and beguiling, with extended hang time in the vineyard, these wines explode from the glass. Aggressive and engulfing, yet showcasing restrained balance on the palate; tannins are lush, round, unprecedented. Amor Fati translates in Latin to “the love of one’s fate.” In Santa Maria, harvest dates often push into late November and grape ripening is solely at the discretion of nature. Each year we wait and have faith. Labels are sketch renditions of William Blake’s 1793 work  “The Marriage Of Heaven and Hell.” Look deep into the symmetrical label to find a naked woman embracing the hand of a mermaid and a small child, all while riding a pink dragon. Drink more to see more.

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