T’Jara Vineyards was born out of a vision to create world-class wines by showing the best of what Long Island has to offer.

And it all starts with great fruit.

T’Jara Vineyards is located on prime farming land on the North Fork in Mattituck. From its inception, Winemaker Russell Hearn and his partner Jed Beitler had the goal of making T’Jara Vineyards to be a top fruit producer and, when the time was right, release some of the best red wines on the East End of Long Island. For over a decade, our 20 acres have supplied red vinifera to some of the top wineries on Long Island, New York State, the Northeast and Canada. As we knew we would eventually be making wine from our own fruit, our philosophy has always been to “grow wine on the vine.” We employ sustainable practices, including organic composting, to the care and management of our vines.

From an exceptional 2007 growing season, Russell and Jed released their first limited production, handcrafted T’Jara wines: a Merlot and a Red Reserve Blend. And, with the 2010 vintage, they have expanded the line of T’Jara wines to include a Cab Franc and a Petit Verdot.

Enjoy the rich, supple reds of T’Jara Vineyards and see why what’s grown on the vine makes all the difference when it goes in the bottle.

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