Tir Na N’og is made by John Larchet, head of the importer World Wine Headquarters from sources in McLaren Vale.

Building on his success and incorporating the producers from The Australian Premium Wine Collection, John Larchet started a new entity in 2010: World Wine HeadQuarters (WWHQ). Given his love and familiarity of fine wines from around the world, as well as family connections, John has assembled a collection of distinctive wine estates from both new and old world countries, each one exhibiting qualities and distinctiveness that warrants its recognition as one of the world’s finest wines.

As John Larchet says about Tir Na N’Og, “This is my very own new label. Inevitably my Irish heritage had to surface. Tir Na N’og (pronounced, Tier nah Nohg) is Gaelic for “Land of the Youth”. Irish legends and myths tell of a land where mortal time was suspended and everyone was young and beautiful. A place we all no doubt aspire to live in and worth celebrating with an old vine Grenache.” 

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