The owner Jean-Pierre BEDEL, visionary and entrepreneur, is a true lover of wine. He has, since long, fostered the dream of producing excellent wines which he could call his own; an ambition shared by his wife, Florence. Finally, they bought Château les Amoureusesin 2011, an estate on the right bank of the Rhône River, south of Bourg-Saint-Andéol in Ardèche, their homeland. What followed was a new breath of life.

The encounter with Jean-Michel NOVELLE, an international consultant winemaker resulted in the complete redesign of the estate: from the 58 hectares of vineyard to the cellar. They have acquired the aid of two young winemakers, Kristin BASSON, from South Africa and Claudia GOMEZ, from Chile. The aim is to explore new horizons with the vision of leading the region of Ardèche into a new age of wine. The philosophy is axed on innovation, redefining the notion of creation in order to craft wines that present a unique tasting experience as well as the discovery of something special.

And so the first harvest in 2011 brought forth eight authentic and innovative Vins de Pays de Méditerranée wines: the first vintage of Terres des Amoureuses.
These wines are set to reach great heights.

The dream is coming true, and the story is only just beginning...

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