Terracaë is a joint project between Frédéric Brouca & Pascal Verhaeghe. Frédéric owns Domaine Frédéric Brouca in Faugères and Pascal owns the famous Cahors estate, Chateau du Cèdre. These two vignerons wanted to craft a palatable Malbec (Côt as it is known here) that is true to the terroir of Cahors without being masked in oak or subjected to long maceration times. The result is a wine of remarkable depth and freshness.

Frédéric & Pascal wanted to approach their project with a Burgundian mindset; focus on a single vineyard to create the best wine possible from that site. Cahors is all about the terraces. Terracaë comes from a single vineyard on the 3rd (highest) terrace with the poorest soil quality making for very expressive wines. This vineyard is certified organic and produces excellent fruit. These two friends are very careful to limit maceration times to make sure the wines are never over concentrated. Only neutral oak is used in the winery. Fresh and focused, Terracaë continues a long tradition with elegance.

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