The Estate

The Tenute Tomasella winery is located near the village of Portobuffolè, in the lands of the noblewoman Gaia da Camino, the daughter of the “good Gherardo” mentioned in Dante’s Inferno. It has 30 hectares of vines in the DOC Friuli Grave area and the DOC Piave area, with 7 hectares in Friuli and 23 in Veneto.
 The winery is renowned for respecting traditions and the environment, and for its production of intriguing new wines that are unlike the typical wines of the area.

The winery makes genuine excellent quality wines, with its unquestionable specialisation due to fifty years of experience and state-of-the-art winemaking principles, combined with a love of the land.

The first years of production, saw an interesting line of Sparkling wines made according to the long Charmat method. More recently, a line of still wines from Friuli Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Friulano has been added. The winery’s principles remain the same and focus on getting the best from its two “terroir”.

In Friuli and Veneto, the vineyards and undeniably charming historic attractions welcome all lovers of good wine.

The Vineyards

Mansuè is situated in Veneto, however, thevineyards of the Tenute Tomasella winery border with the DOC Grave area in Friuli. The winery estate covers 150 hectares in these two regions with 30 hectares (23 in Veneto and 7 in Friuli) under vines.

The first wines made in Mansuè, an interesting line of Sparkling wines made according to the long Charmat method, were characterised by their pronounced effervescence. The path of change has recently led to the development of a line of wines from Friuli.

The winery’s principles, however, have always remained the same, regardless of the geographical location of the vineyards, exploiting the best characteristics of its two “terroirs”.

The Wine Cellar

Complete specialisation and the promotion of wine culture are the qualities acknowledged by experts at the wine cellar of the Tomasella winery.

A focus on quality and the choice of cutting-edge winemaking practices caratterizzano ogni fase della produzione are featured throughout all production stages. The passion for the land and its fruit complement the production of excellent quality wines that are exquisitely genuine.

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