That this area could be dedicated to the production of excellent wines was written in his History : in the 50s, the princesses Margherita and Maria Cristina di Savoia Aosta sold the land to the Moretti family.

The history of this area is intertwined with that of its excellences, created by the efforts and sacrifices of a family that has always considered the link with the territory, and the respect due to it, a basic element for the creation of products of the best quality.

Not surprisingly, in 1716 even the Grand Duke of Tuscany, by means of an edict, called this area "elected wine area”, i.e. land recognized for producing top quality wines.

The flagship of the estate remains Oreno, cult wine for many, whose superior quality has long been honored by numerous awards, both national and international, see the influential American guides like Wine Spectator, that frequently has inserted Oreno in his personal annual ranking of the best wines in the world, Robert Parker's wine Advocate to end with James Suckling and the Italian Gambero Rosso and Bibenda.

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