Four wines for four horses: this is the symbol of the farm, surrounded by beeches and oaks. The estate stretches on the hills of Montepulciano, which slope down gently towards Lake Trasimeno, among olive trees and vineyards. The wines of the farms meet the horses which are the main feature of the image of the Faggeto Estate: they recall the colts that in the past used to roam freely, arriving to gallop on the yellow slab overlooking the high hill. 

It is the so called “Pietra del Diavolo” (Devil’s Stone), used in the building of the church of Sant’Agostino and, according to the legend, made harder by Lucifer to hinder the building of the basilica. The Faggeto Estate has got more than seven hectares of vineyards and a multifunction structure divided in two floors: the ground floor is dedicated to winemaking (production, fermentation, and bottling); the top floor is for the refining of the wine in barrels of Italian oaks.

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