The word “Telteca”, meaning “ripe fruit”, takes root in the language of Mendoza’s native tribe, the Huarpe. The wise Huarpe tribe skilfully survived the rigors of this desert environment through their respect for nature and their in-depth knowledge of the flora that dominated the plains of Mendoza.

The Huarpe people lived in harmony with their surroundings as they laid the foundations of Mendoza’s first irrigation channels, presently known as “acequias”. European immigrants later refined the Huarpe’s irrigation system and adapted the channels for the cultivation of vines, allowing Mendoza to showcase its great winemaking potential to the world today.

As a symbol of our admiration and recognition of this great and ancient tribe, we named our wines “Telteca”, a tribute to the natives of Mendoza who knew the value in honouring nature.  Today, this same philosophy is what drives us, as we cultivate our vineyards to produce one of mankind’s greatest passions: wine.

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