The winery is owned by Dario Stroppiana,who, aided by his wife Stefania, takes care of every production process,from the vineyard to the cellar. For as long as the dimensions of the estate allow, the business will continue to be an exclusively family-run concern.

This means that meticulous attention can be dedicated to every production phase.

The vineyards occupy an area of 4.5 hectares, with an annual production of 35,000 bottles, part of which are located in the famous and highly-prized cru of Bussia, where Stefania was born.

A year's work in the vineyards is characterised by particular attention to the quality of the product sacrifi cing quantity; the bunches of grapes are selectively thinned in July and August to allow the remaining grapes to ripen in the best possible way.

Harvesting begins when the grapes are perfectly ripe. Soft-pressing is followed by traditional fermentation on skins for a period of 7 to 12 days with frequent pumping over.

The Dolcetto is aged in steel vats: it is bottled in the summer, when the weather is hot.

For several years now, for his top of the range Barolo, San Giacomo, Dario has been using an ageing system which is midway between traditional and modern.

The Nebbiolo da Barolo is left in barriques for about 15/18 months, and it is here that malo-lactic fermentation takes place. The wine is then blended in medium-sized French oak barrels (20-25 hectolitres) where it ages for another year before being bottled in the summer prior to the year of the wine’s release for sale.

Dario makes no comment on this ageing system, simply explaining that it is extremely personal and that he is doing exactly as he pleases, and the results are obvious.

He has recently received excellent reviews in magazines in the wine sector and mentions in the press are always excellent both in Italy and abroad; e.g.: Certificate of Excellence awarded by the Espresso wine guide.

The winery currently produces Langhe Nebbiolo, Langhe Rosso, Barolo docg “San Giacomo”, Barolo docg “Bussia”, Barolo docg, Barbera d’Alba doc and Dolcetto d’Alba doc, We are waiting for the youngest members of the family, Leonardo and Altea, to show some enthusiasm for their parents’ work and the art of winegrowing... the work is defi nitely hard and, as they say around here “the land is low”, but having the opportunity to express your personality in your very own products is priceless.

Stroppiana Family

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