After harvesting at their ripest, the apples arrive at the mill where they're washed and crushed. This pulp is pressed to extract juice, which is then concentrated and stored, with the apples' natural sugars acting as a preservative. The concentrated apple juice is then fermented and left to mature, allowing smoother flavours to develop. Depending on the variant of Strongbow you are enjoying, additional flavours such as Elderflower or Ginger may be added. Strongbow Apple Ciders also contain sulphites. 

The result is what you most enjoy about Strongbow. After a fresh apple aroma, you expeirence a pleasant, refreshing texture with a balance between acidity and sourness, followed by sweet softness, and a clean finish. With a range of creative recipes with delicious taste experiences, including Elderflower, Ginger, Gold and Original Dry, Strongbow offers the refreshment of nature wherever you live! Strongbow Apple Ciders are made with a blend of natural and artificial flavours depending on the variant. Check label for details.

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