Today …

In 2014, Burnett Lane in the heart of Brisbane's CBD is Brisbane's newest exciting "laneway" development, featuring bars and restaurants But back in 1922, when Brisbane was a much smaller place, it was the site of our original "Stewarts" wine and liquor store!

That store was called "Stewarts Home Supply", and was opened by Charles Jackson Stewart in the Criterion Hotel on the corner of Burnett Lane and George Street(where the MLC Building is now located) 

The original Stewarts store is noted as part of the history of Burnett Lane on a historical sign sign recently erected in the laneway by the Brisbane City Council…

That was almost One Hundred years ago and we have had stores in a number of locations since, responsibly serving generations of South East Queenslanders and many thousands of happy customers.

Most recently, in 2008, we opened the latest "Stewarts Wine Co" store at The Barracks Centre at the historic Petrie Terrace Barracks precinct in Brisbane, marking a return to the CBD of Brisbane after a little while in Brisbanes suburbs and on the Sunshine Coast!

SO we are now back where we started, serving the customers located in Brisbanes CBD and the City is a lot bigger and busier than in 1922! 

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