The Spolumbo's Story is a modest and simple one. It's a story of three first generation Italian-Canadian boys who grew up in traditional Italian families. With the family spirit of old-fashioned Italian tradition, the boys hand-cranked their familys' small food grinders, helping to make home-made Italian foods, like sausage and fresh crushed tomatoes for sauce.

They were raised to be strong, solid and charismatic gentlemen...and CFL football players.

The childhood buddies, Tom Spoletini, Mike Palumbo and Tony Spoletini all played football for the Calgary Stampeders of the CFL, and some of the determination, drive and team spirit they learned as professional football players has helped them build Spolumbo's Fine Foods and Deli.

With the passion born in Italian households, the guys began making sausages in the after-hours at Tom's father-in-law's restaurant, offering their sausages to other restaurants in Calgary and area. Soon the demand became big enough that they purchased their own Deli and opened a small 10-seat sandwich shop in the Inglewood area of Calgary. Today, still in Inglewood, Spolumbo's Sausages are made out of a state-of-the-art facility, in the same building as the fabulous and spacious 100 seat Italian Deli.

From humble beginnings, to being found in some of the biggest supermarkets in Western Canada, Spolumbo's Fine Foods has progressed into a major supplier of Italian sausage. This kind of success is not possible without the sacrifice and commitment of everyone at Spolumbo's.

Tom, Mike and Tony are guys who are passionate about good food, friends and family. Spolumbo's quality products are a reflection of that passion.

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