High Quality Grape-less Wines in Southern Alberta

In a grape-less province Spirit Hills crafts a grape-less wine with strong structure and backbone expected of any high quality wine with body.  Spirit Hills wines integrate ancient fermentation techniques with the creativity of Alberta's settlers and entrepreneurs to create food friendly wines, among them a dry red, a medium-dry white, a semi-sweet rose, and two hailed party wines, a mulled wine and ready-pour sangria. Several of Spirit Hills wines won awards for several years in a row at the Alberta Beverage Awards and the North West Wine Summit.

Alberta-Only Ingredients for "Alberta's Wine"

Every single ingredient that goes into each wine made at Spirit Hills Honey Winery is locally sourced. This makes it genuinely “Alberta’s Wine.” Blackcurrants are sourced from the “Hugo Rows” on an orchard near Stettler, Alberta. The Saskatoon berries come from two farms near Okotoks, The Saskatoon Farm and Kayben Farms. The dandelions are picked right on the homestead.

Spirit Hills Wines Are Charming Consumers and Industry Professionals Around the World

Spirit Hills wines are available in over 200 quality liquor stores in Alberta and Saskatchewan, among them Co-op Wine Spirits Beer and Willow Park Wines & Spirits in Calgary. The Spirit Hills wines are being poured at some top restaurants in the area as they pair beautifully with the artistic food creations of some of the best chefs in Alberta. Spirit Hills wines have charmed many of the top sommeliers in Alberta, Japan and Belgium who all eagerly support this locally crafted grape-less wines.


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