Being an alternative station, you might think ‘oh the only people that listen to that music are people with excessive piercings or rebels without a cause!’

Well you would be given a participation ribbon.

Our in depth unbiased research shows that Sonic has a wide base of listenership with over 89%  between the ages of 18 and 54. Over half of our listeners are married, half have children and over 40% have a combined household income of more than $100,000.  In fact, over 76% of our listeners are homeowners.

So how do we attract such a wide array of settled-down, productive members of society-based listeners? Sonic strives to keep it clean, we play awesome tunes, treat our listeners with respect and try not to take ourselves too seriously.

We will always make it about the music; we will support local bands, music, and shows; we will seek out and support new music and we will make sure we continue to bring you the most knowledgeable deejays who are dedicated to constantly learning and living the music we share with you.

Sonic is an appropriate choice for work, home or in the car. And a great station for your advertising campaigns.

We’re Alternative Edmonton Sonic 102-9.

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