The SOBDL was founded in late 2014. The thought was to create a small, private ‘club’ or meeting group where women who loved beer could get together and hang out. Erica Campbell brought forth the idea to the 4 women below...and the SOBDL was born.

Initially Bevy 001 was supposed to be maybe a dozen women or so in one of our apartments. We would have snacks and do a bottle share. We created an event on Eventbrite...but we’re unaware that you had to ‘cap’ the number of tickets you wanted to have on sale. We put the ticket link up on our new SOBDL Facebook & Twitter pages...and sold 90 tickets in a couple days! We were blown away. We also freaked out a little bit but were up for the challenge! We found a venue, grabbed insurance, the proper purchase, a bunch of craft beer...and the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies was born.

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