Grow your own, that’s what the owners of Siding 14 Brewing Co. determined was most important when they discussed opening a brewery in Ponoka, AB.  A barley grower and a hop grower decided to produce craft beer with quality ingredients that they themselves grow.  Craft beer consumers will know exactly where their beer comes from, field to brew.  

Add a brewer with a passion for craft, for clean brewing, with the best and freshest ingredients.  A brewer who wants the beer to showcase the best characteristics of the hops and barley.  It's his goal to create a solid core of Mainline beers that are perfect for everyday, and a wide variety of Roundhouse offerings to keep your interest piqued.

Why Siding 14?  It's a nod to our rich Alberta and western Canadian railway heritage. Before the town of Ponoka was named, it was Siding 14 of the Calgary-Edmonton Railway Company.  The siding was a supply point for steam locomotives making the run between the two major cities. The railway not only provided transportation between small towns and major centers, it was historically the heart of communication and social interaction in communities across the province.

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