Ever since the establishment of Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea, most of the works in the vineyard and in the winery were made by the gypsies in the region, from Maglavit village towards the boundaries of the city of Craiova. Decent revenues as well as the access to education that the 12 Domains of the Crown throughout the country offered for their employees and for their children made the status of employee of the Administration of the Domains of the Crown a very sought after position.
         Before World War II, the relations between ADC and the gypsies were so tight that many of the gypsies in Oltenia (the South-western part of Romania) retreated around  Segarcea (Șegarcea, as they call it even today) where they were given shelter, work and last but not least protection against the legionaries.  
         Their role in building and developing the vineyard in Segarcea is acknowledged today by integrating in the Vardo name and labels some of the traditional gypsy symbols, universally recognizable.
         Vardo is the carriage, the metaphoric image of the caravan in which gypsies travel and discover the world. For centuries we have disapproved this way of life as unfitted for a “civilized person” who is attached to the material things that we believe to enrich our spirit. Today, the very same civilized person travels on all the continents, on business or holiday, and he discovers the charming direct interaction with other cultures. What was uncalled for a century ago is now everybody’s dream – to travel freely, to be free, to know, to have a sip of the joy of life.
         The souvenirs, the trophies that prove you’ve been there, you saw and you felt, are different for each of the new nomads. For a vine grower, the souvenirs are the grapes that you adopt, grow, test  hoping they will take strong roots and give birth to good wines. To make a portrait of European grapes, we chose in Segarcea the varietals that we believe to gladly receive the hours of sunshine and the heat we enjoy here -  Touriga Nacional from Douro, Cabernet Franc from Bordeaux, Marselan from Languedoc, Syrah from Cote du Rhone, all beginning with or going back to the local grape Fetească Neagră…

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