"See ya later."

The wines of See Ya Later wines celebrate the lively legacy of Major Hugh Fraser, a colourful character who purchased the property high above the Okanagan Valley in 1919. The Major found the freedom and open skies of the valley the perfect complement to his fun-loving personality and fondness for lavish parties. Here near the town of Okanagan Falls he planted vines and seeded a legend. The ranch was his home for more than forty-five years, each one adding to a rich mix of truth and fiction involving elaborate gatherings, plenty of dogs and a wife from London who on seeing the rustic surroundings left both the Valley and a three-word note:

“See ya later.”

Seeing the humour in everything, he adopted his bride’s parting note as a light-hearted closing comment on all of his personal correspondence. Newly single, but rarely alone, the Major was much loved owing to his kind nature and memorable parties. But most of all, he is remembered for his kindness to his many four-legged friends who were ultimately laid to rest in a doggy cemetery that still exists at the Ranch. In 2003, a series of wines were created under the See Ya Later Ranch name to salute both the site's colourful history and the man who first planted grapes in the beautiful mountain setting. The See Ya Later Ranch label features a white dog with angel wings celebrating the ranch’s dogs and the memory of their master. The light-hearted label adorns wines the Major would have been proud of and consumed full his share of.

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